This site is just a little portfolio of my photography work with some hints of web design and digital retouching.

I’m constantly amazed that catching anything at just the right angle in just the right moment can create a perfect memory which will never be repeated in quite the same way.

The photos range from places I have been to people who have jumped in front of my camera in a studio setting. From the immense majestic presence of a towering monument to the personal space between model and camera, there is always something worth capturing.

Retouching photos of people is a skill I have nurtured and developed over the past few years so that I can achieve clean results which the subjects of said photos can be happy with.

The websites I have made have ranged from the simple and personal to those for businesses wanting that sharp edge to their web presence. The art of creating flowing movement or simple static, yet powerfully charged sites is both challenging and fulfilling. The finished piece is what makes it all worthwhile. Perfection is a heady goal to aim for, but having every pixel in place is how I like it.

The eye sees more than what we’re consciously aware of, so my aim is to make sure that the unconscious mind appreciates what it sees as much as the conscious.

See and remember…